General News Updates 2022

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1/21/22 - Heading into a new year there is always a great deal of administrative work to be done to prepare for the coming months. Along with preparing to meet federal, state and local government obligations, our website has to be prepared for a new year and a review of the year past is certainly in order.

With the state of train shows and hobby gatherings in general as they have been due to COVID, our web presence has been more important than ever. With over 200,000 visits from 138 countries and a ranking in the top 0.08% of world websites, a healthy interest has been maintain despite the real-world distractions. As the introduction on our 'Site' page suggests, I need to again caution visitors about web browser configuration settings which lead to a lack of or misinformation. I can tell from inquiries received that many visitors have browsers with 'cache' settings that prevent their browsers from loading the most current information automatically when a return visit is made to pages on our website. I sincerely appreciate each and every visit to this website and I would like visitors to realize the best experience possible. For the best results, you should have your web browser cache set to clear (empty) whenever your browser is closed. Alternately, depending on what browser you are using, you can set the configuration to check for the most current page information whenever a return visit is made. If you have questions about how to make the correct settings, do a simple search for 'cache settings' for your particular browser.

On the subject of inquiries; there have been a number of situations this past year when I have received Email inquiries to which I promptly responded and then been informed that my response was never received. My suggestion is to 'white list' the address that you use in contacting Kohs & Company to make sure a response delivery will be received in your inbox. Some of the free Email services are notorious for blocking messages, often times for no known or understood reason.

I am currently working on updates for all of our active projects and will be posting them as soon as time and circumstances allow. Considerable challenges are still ahead for production, but along with suppliers we are collectively working to meet the challenges in the most effective ways possible.

1/01/22 - HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Wishing all of my clients and visitors to this site all the best in the new year and I sure hope that it is better for us all. Kohs & Company was started with what turned out to be transformational plans and ideas that led to many changes in the brass modeling segment of the hobby in general and specifically in the O scale segment. With the two years that we have all just experienced and the damage that has been done to our hobby, new ideas and planning are required again to move ahead successfully and that is the focus of my efforts in recent weeks and months. Very importantly it's not only my planning that will make the difference, the 'buy in' by builders is required and those with a business acumen realize that serious cooperation is required going forward in order to survive.

I will be sharing more details in the coming weeks and much of the planning will be reflected in our forthcoming project updates. In the meantime, I want to thank my client base for your incredible faith in Kohs & Company, your project support in the past and your ongoing support of my future project plans. I would also like to thank the many thousands of visitors to this website during the past year, I hope to entice you into becoming directly involved in the model railroading hobby. If I can answer your questions or provide directions to information that may not be available here, it would be my pleasure to do so!

Again, Happy New Year to all!

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