General News Updates 1998

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11/01/98 - We are overdue in giving you an update on our activities and we have delayed in doing so, because we have hesitated to take time away from our shipping duties with the J3a Hudson project. We’ll touch only on the most pressing issues leading up to a more complete roundup during the month of December.

New York Central J3a ‘Hudson’: As mentioned we are currently delivering our first project. Although we are behind schedule, we are very proud of our efforts and the ‘bottom line’ to this project is we are delivering everything as promised and then some. We are delivering features that we hesitated to even mention at the outset and this has been accomplished at a substantial cost to us and we have not passed it on to our customers. Although I regret the delays that we have experienced many of them have been as a result of calculated decisions that have lead to a better model, this will continue to be our plan for the future, we do not want to produce models fast, we want to produce them correctly. Many of the modeling periodicals continue to highlight our efforts with this project.

Prior to shipping to our customers, we have tried a new approach to quality control. We have had several operating customers test their models in an attempt to uncover potential problems or identify items that required ‘fine tuning’ on the balance of the models to be shipped, this has proven so successful that we will continue this practice in the future even though it does add to the delivery time. If you would like to participate in this program on a future model please let us know and also please provide some basic information regarding the type of operation you run.

In an effort to be responsive to the desires of our customers, all future models will have the display offered as an option at additional cost rather than included. Many J3a customers have indicated that this would be their preference, so that will be our plan. At this point we are also willing to make this arrangement retroactive, if you do not want the display that we plan on delivering with the J3a, we can offer you with three (3) options; apply the $60.00 credit toward the next model deposit, apply the $60.00 credit toward the dyno-rollerbase (this will put you first on the list for delivery after the first of the year with special pricing) or we will issue a refund in the amount of $60.00, if you have a preference for one of these alternatives please let us know as soon as possible.

New York Central ‘Late’ Hudson with PT-4 tende: Although we have had numerous inquiries regarding the deposits for this version of the Hudson, we have held off on requesting deposits until customers have had the opportunity to evaluate our first project. We will be requesting deposits after our shipping is caught up. If you are an existing customer that has paid in-full for your J3a Hudson you should have received the initial query regarding what variation of this

model you would like, if you have not received the information or have not responded and are interested, please let us know as soon as possible. The good news is that the price is likely to be reduced, at least a little. The production scheduling is currently under consideration during our discussions with our builder, we are trying to fit it in with the GG-1 scheduling.

Pennsylvania GG-1: The GG-1 is well underway and we will have a prototype in time for the O’scale West meet in February. We will be doing an initial offering (no deposit required) for existing customers during the month of December to try and get a feel for exactly what we will produce. I can tell you now that we are considering only producing 100 pieces despite the high demand we are already experiencing. We are also considering, because of popular demand, doing a second run at a later date of the 4800 ‘Rivets’ version along with some of the later variations and paint schemes. The split production will allow some breathing space financially for those of you who are looking to purchase multiple units and that seems to be the majority of those that are interested at all! Delivery of this model will take place late Spring / early Summer of 1999.

Union Pacific ‘Type’ 4-12-2: Since we announced that we were going to model this prototype another importer has announced that they intend to produce the same model. We will move ahead with this project in consideration of the fact that although we will model the same prototype, our intended market is not the same as we intend to include complete and accurate detailing as well as premium drive components. This model will also be fully equalized, locomotive and tender.

Norfolk & Western Y6: The ‘Y6b’ is going to move up one slot in the production schedule again to allow better financial scheduling for our Pennsy customers that plan on purchasing multiple GG-1’s and multiple K-4’s. The amount of reference material available for this project is staggering!! We have the best ‘Sources’ in the business working on this project with us. To answer the most frequently asked question once and for all, we will be modeling the auxiliary water tender as part of the package.

The Pennsylvania K-4 and the Chesapeake & Ohio K-3 are still very much on our schedule, but I will wait until the December update to provide more information on these projects and our pending 3-rail involvement. We desperately need to get back to our shipping duties!!! As time allows we will be updating the web site with numerous suggestions that we have had for future projects in an effort to give everyone a chance to push for their favorites, we will also do a mailing with the same information for those of you who do not have access to the Internet

I should also mention that I am looking for a suitable apprentice to help ease the backlog of shipping and to also allow me more time for the design of future projects. I’ll keep you posted on this as it develops.

Our next mailing will take place prior to Christmas, so stay tuned and save some money for the upcoming projects!

10/01/98 - The New York Central J3a 'Hudsons' have arrived and are clear of U.S. Customs and are currently being processed for delivery.   If you currently have a model rese4ved you will be contacted shortly regarding the delivery of your model.  If you are still thinking about purchasing, you best hurry as the remaining few pieces are selling quickly.  For more information regarding the 'Hudson' project status, contact directly for the latest information.

There will be another update posted shortly regarding the status of other pending projects, please check back frequently.

9/01/98 - It's time for a special update concerning our New York Central J3a Hudson project, the production is complete!! Enclosed you will find (5) photographs of the two production samples that were displayed this past weekend at the Indianapolis O'scale show.

The production has been complete for approximately two (2) weeks and I was scheduled to travel to Korea on the 27th of last month to do the final inspection………..and then came the Northwest Airlines strike! My flight was obviously cancelled and it has taken this long to arrange an alternative flight to Korea at a considerably inflated price………….and then came the settlement, but I am locked into the flight that I have. I leave this weekend to complete the inspection, pack the models and ship them back to our shop. This last delay is one in which we had no decision making power, we have just been along for the ride like thousands of other airlines customers that have been severely inconvenienced.

Based on the random production samples that I photographed and displayed, I can honestly say that these are the finest models that I have been involved with. The samples surpass my expectations in every area of concern: quality of construction, operation and paint work. I can not say enough about the effort that the employees of Sun Jin Models have put into this project, it will not be judged as a 'Korean' model, but rather as an exceptional handcrafted labor of love.

I hope to have the first of the models headed for their final homes by the last day of this month and they will be processed in the order in which we received the final payments, which seems only fair. I plan on shipping all of the models first, followed by the bases and cases in an effort to get everyone their model as quickly as possible. The models requiring brake units will have them installed and tested in our shop prior to shipment. I will make every effort to contact customers individually to relate their specific shipping information as the models will be shipped requiring a receiving signature.

For those of you that have been waiting to see the final product prior to making your purchase decision, there remain a hand-full of models in two (2) versions. I suspect that the remaining units will not last long once interested parties have a chance to see the end result of this past years labor.

Again my sincere thank you to all of the customers that have been waiting so patiently!! I have heard from many of you periodically just checking to see what was happening, but to date there has not been one complaint, which I hope means that our customers understand what we are trying to accomplish. I hope that everyone feels that we have 'delivered' when you receive your model.

8/01/98 - As you read this update the final phase of production is taking place with our first project, the New York Central J3a 'Hudson'. All of us involved with this project are very proud of our efforts and sincerely hope that those of you who have one on order will be equally as happy. I can honestly say that if a finer or more accurate model has been produced in any scale, I do not know what it is.

Although we are a bit behind schedule at this point, approximately three (3) months, this is as a result of calculated decisions made to insure the accuracy of our project and to advance the state of the o'scale hobby. These decisions were ultimately easy to make because of the patience of the customers involved and their interest in seeing the hobby advance, for these reasons they have our sincerest gratitude.

For those that have not ordered, although some of our versions are already sold out we may still have the one you want available. I am personally aware of the skepticism in the marketplace and that many potential customers want to see the finished product before they commit, because of this, I decided not to accept the group purchase offer from Europe which was mentioned in a recent update. I felt that it better served our long term interests not to sell out on that basis, but rather show as many people here what ultimately we are offering and to worry about the easy sales later. After the first project, they sell where they sell!

The initial offering for the 'late' versions of the 'Hudson' have begun going out to those customers that have paid in full for the first project. As I announced early on, existing customers have the first opportunity to purchase subsequent offerings and the level of interest among existing customers is extremely high. We will be producing only fifty (50) pieces in three (3) versions, all including the Lima built PT-4 style tender, unless the original style tender is specifically requested. There will be 'Boxpok' and 'Scullin disc' versions as well as a 'de-streamlined' version. We hope to be able to deliver these models by the end of this year and there will be more information as this portion of the 'Hudson' project progresses. The price of this version will be $3,600.00 with the PT-4 tender. I should also add at this point that the tender will be fully sprung and equalized as the locomotive is.

The second distinct offering in our series, the Pennsylvania GG-1, is well under way in the design phase and we are currently making master patterns for castings and cutting the tooling for the body shell. We have determined that this project will take us approximately eight (8) months to produce from this point and that is largely due to some of the features and detail that we will be including in this model.

First and foremost, the GG-1 will have complete and accurate detailing in every respect, including the interior. Some of the features that will be included are: a free-coasting drive, a digitally controlled dynamic brake unit, fully sprung and equalized power frames, complete application of ball-bearings, custom wound

ball-bearing RFI motor, nickel-silver pantographs powered for remote raising and lowering, a custom Dallee Electronics digital sound system, all compartments and doors will function and last but not least, the model will use for the first time halogen headlights.

The versions that will be offered are as follows:

Body Paint


Lettering Style

Pilot Style

'Brunswick' Green 5-Stripe Gold Leaf Futura Both

'Brunswick' Green

5-Stripe Gold Leaf Clarendon Both
'Brunswick' Green 'Buff' 5-Stripe Clarendon Both
'Brunswick' Green 'Buff' Broad Stripe 16" Roman Both
'Tuscan' Red 'Buff' 5-Stripe Clarendon Both
'Tuscan' Red 'Buff' Broad Stripe 16" Roman Both

In addition to paint scheme variations, we will offer both pilot styles. If you would like us to offer some of the later paint schemes, please let us know and we will certainly consider your suggestions. As photographs become available for this project you will automatically receive them.

We are making great progress on the other announced projects and the level of interest expressed so far, quite frankly, has been very surprising. We are still actively seeking as much reference information as possible on all of the projects, so if you can help us even in a small way, please get in touch. We can never get to the point where we have too much information to work with.

For those of you that are or will be looking for a quality power supply (cab), please get in touch for our specific recommendations, particularly those of you taking delivery on one of our 'Hudsons'. We highly recommend the Dallee 'Engineer' and if you get in touch, I'll tell you why. This will be an extremely important consideration with all of the models that we produce.

With the Fall train shows coming up we are deciding where we will try to display. If you have recommendations for good shows (not necessarily big) in your area, please let us know so that we can consider those locations. The following are some shows that we will definitely attend:

Indianapolis O'scale Meet – September 12th – Indianapolis, Indiana

TCA York Meet – October 16th & 17th – York, Pennsylvania (with Dallee Electronics)

Western Reserve O'scale Meet – November 21st – Cleveland, Ohio


Our web-site continues to grow in popularity, if you have a chance take a look at the information available, it continues to be the most timely available. If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us, your never a bother!

7/01/98 - It's time for another update on our current project the New York Central J3a 'Hudson' and things in general. I just returned from the O'scale National Convention and there's a lot happening.

First of all, to let you know where we stand regarding the delivery of our current project. During the o'scale convention we had the opportunity to have our most recent sample model reviewed by additional New York Central experts. There were several questions raised which sent us back to review our research and we are in fact making a couple of changes. The impact on our delivery schedule will only be 7-10 days, which I did not hesitate to accept, because of our commitment to accuracy. With this latest timing change, we expect to have the models in hand the third week of July and to be delivering to customers the following week. Final invoices for customers will be going out the first week of July to allow time for the return receipt of final payment, which will make it possible for us to start shipping as soon as the models are ready to go.

You will find enclosed four (4) new photographs of our latest sample (additional photos will be on the web site). This model was shown at the O'scale National Convention in Marlborough, Massachusetts and represents approximately 90% of what the final production model will be in terms of accuracy and detail. You'll see in the photos that we have paid equal attention to the locomotive and tender. The photograph showing the drivers and running gear highlights the precision and quality dedicated to the running characteristics of the model, don't forget that inside the highly detailed nickel-silver main and side rods at the main crank pin there are ball bearing units. The Baker valve gear that you see in the same photograph is electronically controlled for position prior to the movement of the locomotive. The cab interior photo illustrates that we have made every effort to miss nothing! If you use a magnifying glass, you can read the markings on the gauge faces, although in the production model the faces will be white with black markings. The cab is complete, from the real wood floor to the electrical conduits and junction boxes on the overhead, it's all included in the model. In case your interested, the brass used to fabricate the boiler and tender shell is .032" in thickness, the heaviest material we can use and still hand punch all of the rivet detail.

An important note for those of you that are interested in, but have not yet reserved a J3a 'Hudson'. We have been approached by an overseas dealer that would like to purchase the remaining models that we have for sale, current customers will be happy to know that he will be buying at the same price as them regardless of the quantity. I have delayed this final sale to allow for those that have been wrestling with the idea of the purchase to make a final decision after which we may be sold out anyway. We have tried to offer as much information as possible during the progress of this project, but if you still have doubts or concerns let us know what they are before it's too late. My purpose in doing the announced projects is to offer models of superior quality to the o'scale community (make a little money) and not necessarily to service the speculation market, but us being 'sold out' while maintaining pricing integrity is the ideal scenario for our customers. Whatever models are committed to this sale will be available overseas for prices starting at $3,800.00US.

On the subject of the 'late' version of the J3a, we have hit several detours in acquiring the information necessary to correctly do this version of the model, but we are finally full-speed ahead. In the very near future we will be reporting to you what the pricing will be and will start accepting reservations from our existing customers. I can tell you at this point that we will be offering at least two different versions and are still considering a third. The two definite versions will obviously include the PT-4 style tender, will have the conventional smoke-box front, cut running boards, external reverse-gear and the appropriate plumbing changes. One of these versions will have 'Boxpok' drivers and one will have 'Scullin disc' drivers. The third possible version would include what many people refer to as the 'Selkirk' front end and roller bearing rods, because there are so many plumbing changes unique to this version, I'm not certain if it makes economic sense considering the limited quantity that we will be doing. If you have strong feelings on this issue and would be interested in buying the 'de-streamlined' version, let me know. Although the term 'Selkirk' front end is very widely understood, I am told by those that know better than I that this is not a correct form of identification for the 'de-streamlined' style smoke box. As it has been explained to me, 'Selkirk' actually refers to the internal components and configuration of the smoke-box rather than the exterior appearance. The external appearance of the 'de-streamlined' version results from exactly that, the de-streamlining of four (4) Dreyfuss Hudson locomotives, the flat smoke-box face was original equipment under the nose of the Dreyfuss Hudson, this much I was aware of having done the design of the Lionel Dreyfuss Hudson model.

Regarding the Pennsylvania GG-1, I have received a number of calls recently regarding this project, the interest is building and people are getting anxious! If you have Internet access and have not checked out the drawings of the GG-1 on our site, you may want to do that in the near future. Everyone wants to know what the pricing is going to be, but until the tooling for the body shell is complete it is difficult to know where we are at cost wise. I would like to be able to offer these models for under $3,000.00, but I will keep you informed as we progress with the development. Aside from the fully detailed equalized suspension that the model will have, we are now working on mechanically powering the pantographs so that they will function up and down based on the direction of the locomotive. Certainly we will include full interior detail, but if there are any features that you would particularly like to see included please let us know what they are.

Work is progressing on our other announced projects and we would again like to request your help and guidance with reference and design materials that you may be able to loan us. The more material we have to work with, the more accurately we can model our subjects. We are certainly willing to cover all shipping and copying expenses involved with the use of your materials.

Don't forget, if you would like assistance in acquiring a quality computer on a cost basis or arranging for Internet access, please let us know, we'd be glad to help. Our Internet web site remains the most timely source of information regarding our projects. One final note to existing customers, you are welcome to submit a list of models for sale for inclusion in our web site 'roundhouse', a number of people have had great results in selling through our site. You will deal directly with the purchaser and there will be no commissions owing to us. If you any have questions, don't hesitate to get in touch!

hudson sample 2.jpg (38854 bytes)

This is the pre-production sample of the J3a 'Hudson' with approximately 90% of the corrections made.  This sample was shown at the O'scale National Convention in Marlborough, Massachusetts.

driver samples.jpg (65665 bytes)

This photograph illustrates the precision of the running gear as installed on the pre-production sample.  Keep in mind that ball-bearings are used on the main crank pin for both the main and side rods.  Although the model is designed with the ultimate of detail and accuracy in mind, of equal importance are the running characteristics.  Although the mechanism is not visible, the position of the Baker valve gear is electronically controlled, another first in the industry.

sample cab.jpg (43459 bytes)

This photograph will give you an idea of the level of detail in the cab interior.  From the real wood floor to the electrical conduit on the roof interior, all the detail that belongs in a premium quality model is present.  If you look very closely, there are still a couple of air lines to be added to the detail.  The gauge faces on the production models will be white with black markings.  You should notice that even the lagging on the firebox ends at the correct height.

tender sample.jpg (34719 bytes)

This photograph will give you an idea of the level of detail on the tender.  All of our attention has not been focused on the locomotive, the tender is just as important.  All of the rivets on the tender as well as the locomotive are hand punched.  Multiple layers of etching are used throughout the model to represent the correct relationship between panel surfaces.  As is mentioned elsewhere, the tender as well as the locomotive is fully equalized and sprung for correct operation.   Every pipe that belongs on the tender, even the bottom side, will be present on the production model.

6/01/98 - It’s time for another update, it’s difficult to believe that another month has passed. Having just returned from Korea there are a number of issues to bring you up to date on.

First of all, the J3a product is progressing nicely in spite of the fact that I continue to make ‘things’ difficult for the builder. Just when they think that I am done making corrections and adding features, I throw more at them. S.J. Models is putting an extraordinary amount of effort into this project and I can not say enough about the level of work that they are doing. I really believe that even knowledgeable model builders will be stunned by the level of detail and number of unique features that the finished product will present. I will be displaying a sample at the O’scale Nationals in Massachusetts later this month, if you have a chance, please come by to have a look. For those of you that will not make it to the show, a new set of photos will be mailed out immediately following the Nationals. I could go on and on for several pages about what is being accomplished with this project, but you can judge for yourself. Regarding availability, if I based my planning on verbal commitments, I would say that this edition is sold out 21/2 times over, in fact we have less than thirty (30) unconfirmed pieces still available. I have to say that I am very pleased with the response so far and I know that once the final sample is available for viewing, the edition will be officially sold out. I understand the many reasons for skepticism in the market place, but I again wish to express my sincere gratitude to those of you that have been supportive from the beginning and that have made the financial commitment which is so important to the success of this type of project. I think that you will be happy with your decision and that you will feel that we have honored your commitment.

Regarding delivery, if all goes well from here on out, I anticipate having the finished product in hand the first week of July. We are still pushing a couple of suppliers for the final delivery of components, but we seem to be winning the battle, For those of you that have a confirmed reservation, invoices for the balance due will arrive approximately 2-3 weeks prior to the models being available for delivery, this will allow us to process the orders and have everything ready to go once the models arrive and have one last inspection. Please try to remit the balance due as soon as possible to avoid any delay in delivery.

Planning for the ‘late’ version of the J3a is well under way. We are currently working on the cost factors for the different variations possible and as soon as this information is available it will be presented to the existing customers for a final selection of the variations to be produced. I have not rushed this process, quite frankly because of my 'pushing' of the builder in regards to the current J3a project. A number of customers that will be buying the late version have expressed a desire for a financial NYC 'breather' after purchasing the current J3a, so we are going to do what we can to make this further acquisition as comfortable as possible. We will be looking at a Fall delivery.

While in Korea, I reviewed the progress on the GG-1 and it is coming along much faster than I had hoped for. The treatment of this model will parallel that of the J3a in that we will be doing a fully equalized suspension and making as many of the features as possible operational. I brought back with me the GOD drawings for this project and they have been posted to our web site. You will be able to follow the development of this project, including drawings, through visiting our internet home. Any suggestions regarding what you would like to see on our site will be given serious consideration, just let us know. We hope to have a sample of this project in time for the Fall shows this year, approximately September 1st.

We are soliciting any and all information pertaining to our announced projects. A number of customers have offered material from their personal collections for our 'use' and that is a major part of being able to offer an outstanding final product. The more reference material we have, the more accurate we can be in what we model and offer as a historical bench mark of individual locomotives. We will cover any costs involved in shipping and or copying materials for our use and promise to return in like condition anything that we borrow. We will not share loaned materials with others if that is so requested by the lender. Your help in this regard is greatly appreciated and again many thanks to those of you that have already made the effort to assist.

Just a quick reminder, our web site continues to be the most timely source of information on our projects short of calling us directly. We will be adding multimedia content to the site shortly so that you will be able to see and here our models run on the web.

Hoping to see many of you at the 'Nationals', safe travels.

5/01/98 - There is a lot happening with our new o’scale model business and I will try to bring you up to date with the latest information on several fronts. While attending a number of shows since the first of the year I have had the opportunity to meet with many of you in person, that has been very helpful from a planning perspective. Hopefully in the coming months I will have the opportunity to meet with more of you.

First and foremost I need to bring you all up to date regarding the J3a ‘Hudson’ project. We have made significant progress in pushing toward completion of the final production, but we find ourselves fighting the time battle as always. Originally we had been planning for a delivery of the model late this month and it is certain at this point that will not happen. We are in the process of producing what is the most sophisticated and technically advanced model ever offered regardless of scale and that has led to delays in sourcing critical components particularly ones coming from the aerospace industry. Trying to explain to suppliers that are typically dealing with Boeing and Lockheed why you need their product for a model train has proven to be quite a verbal adventure.

To capsulize, what we are planning to deliver to our J3a customers is a model that has a prototypical equalized suspension including real leaf springs, a Dallee Electronics digital sound system beyond compare utilizing three (3) speakers in the locomotive, a digitally controlled proportional dynamic brake system (optional), a valve gear mechanism that is electronically controlled for position based on the direction of movement, a constant voltage directional lighting system, forty-four (44) ABEC grade 7P ball-bearing units and a real wood cab floor (photo enclosed). This is all in addition to complete and accurate detailing in every regard. Many of these features have never been offered before in any scale and we are bringing it to you in o’scale, a real challenge!! Because we have chosen not to compromise we are now planning a late June delivery.

I need to make note of the fact that there are always a variety of rumors running rampant in this hobby and it never ceases to amaze me that although this is suppose to be a ‘fun’ related business, I have yet to experience one that is more vicious in it’s rumors. I won’t use space acknowledging or responding to some that I have heard, but if you ever have questions regarding our plans or designs do not hesitate to query us, we will be happy to provide supporting documentation or literature, we want there to be no doubt in our customers minds that we are offering only the finest in materials and design.

For those of you that have not yet ordered a J3a Hudson, we are approximately 70% reserved at this point with many outstanding verbal commitments. Just a reminder, if you have not sent in your deposit you do not have a reserved order.

As the business world and our personal lives become more internet oriented, we are planning to use the internet as our most timely line of communication. If you currently have access to the internet and have not taken time to check our site, please do so and you will find a variety of information and photo reference with more to come. Our web address is For those of you that do not have a computer and are interested in acquiring one, if you are a customer, I will provide a custom setup on a ‘cost’ basis for as little as $1,000.00 using only the finest quality components. If you are interested in this offer, please give me a call and I’ll provide the details.

There have been a number of phone calls in the last two or three weeks questioning our long-term commitment to building o’scale models, this has led to making public the following list of projects which we fully intend to pursue in the coming months:

      • New York Central J3a (Late Version w/PT-4 tender)
      • Pennsylvania GG-1
      • Union Pacific ‘type’ 4-12-2
      • Pennsylvania K-4
      • Chesapeake & Ohio K-3 Mikado
      • Norfolk & Western Y6b
      • Pennsylvania ’48 Broadway Passenger Consist

I hesitated to offer this information since it is critical that we stay focused on the current project and sell that first, but the callers were looking for assurances that there would be quality models available on an ongoing basis if they directed their attention back to o’scale. Our plan is to build only the finest models possible for as long as we have customers willing to buy them.

Our next projects are already in the works, the GG-1 is well into the design phase and we are already making master patterns. The ‘late’ version of the J3a Hudson will move into the final construction phase as soon as the ‘as built’ versions are completed, there will be a mailing with additional information on the ‘late’ version to existing customers in the next few days. We have moved the UP Type’ into the third slot to give the ‘Pennsy’ fans a financial break since so many are planning on purchasing both GG-1’s and K-4’s. William Kratville of Union Pacific fame has agreed to assist with the UP ‘type’ project and there may be another noteworthy announcement regarding this project in the very near future, stay tuned. The most current source of information on future projects is our web site, all additional new information will be posted there first.

One final comment or announcement, in response to many requests from the Proto:48 segment of the hobby, we will provide our models built to the proto:48 standard on an advanced reservation basis. If you are interested in modeling this standard, please contact us for further information.

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