General News Updates 2024

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2/11/24 - This post is essentially a PSA (public service announcement) for all current and future Kohs model owners. Based on support inquiries that I routinely receive and in-service models that I experience, I never cease to be amazed at the lack of care and concern some owners show for the Kohs models, and I assume others, that they own. Maintaining one's investment in an expensive brass model seems only to make sense. Keeping models clean and as dust-free as possible while retaining original boxes, paperwork, accessory packs and functional accessories such as sound control units will go a long way towards not only maintaining, but enhancing your investment. If a model is going to be displayed, it is best to have it covered with a case or in a closed cabinet. If left to the 'wilds' of the open environment, particularly in a location that relies on oil-fired heat, it makes cleaning a model to restore the original finish near impossible which seriously affects the value of the model.

Unfortunately, I have seen and heard of many models suffering the results of the above ending up on eBay and in auctions being delivered to unsuspecting buyers. Buy with caution if you don't know the owner or have not thoroughly evaluated the reputation of the business selling the model you are interested in. Lastly, make sure that you ask if the model has been rail tested, all features, and that a return for full credit is possible if the model does not perform as described.

1/01/24 - Looking forward to a new and better year, wishing you good health and happiness! I have encountered many business 'hurtles' in the past year, but my commitment to planned projects has never been more resolved. Thankful for good health and the support of numerous friends/clients, I look forward to even more exciting and rewarding developments in the months ahead. We have to be sure to remember friends of our modeling/collecting community that have passed on, their friendship and contributions to the hobby, whether large or small, will be missed.

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