General News Updates 2021

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1/16/21 - Just a brief heads up that I have been in the cleaning/organizing mood for the last several weeks and have come to the conclusion that it's time to clean up my archive and storage area which means that a variety of sample models, parts and printed materials of all sorts will be offered for sale in due course. This will be done as time allows and quite frankly as I am able to make the difficult decisions about what should go. Please do not write and ask about the availability of specific parts or models, I will not be able to respond to those types of inquiries. I can tell you at this point that the items to be evaluated/offered date back to my involvement with Fine Art Models and the Lionel Smithsonian projects.

I have yet to decide where on the website the items will be offered, but further information will be provided as decisions are made and items are organized.

1/01/21 - Happy New Year to all, wishing all of our visitors a prosperous new year and happy modeling. With the new year comes the hope that daily life will begin to return to some degree of normalcy which will allow the projects of Kohs & Company and others that have survived the COVID experience to begin to move forward without further delay and loss. I will be beginning the new year with project updates for all of our active projects in the next few days, so please return for another visit to learn the latest about our projects and plans.

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