General News Updates 2023

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1/19/23 - Just a brief FYI message; updating work on this website is continuing, replacing images with higher resolution ones and making information access more user friendly particularly for phone and tablet users. This site is unique in that it does not follow Google guidelines and the desktop and mobile sites are actually separate sites running in parallel in order to make the mobile presentation as clean and predictable as possible.

1/01/23 - Wishing all that may read this post a very Happy and safe New Year. With the new year here, I sincerely hope that better, more predictable times will be at hand. I want to thank all that have continued to provide their unwavering commitment, be assured that everything will be done to honor that support.

At the outset of the Kohs & Company efforts to produce and deliver the finest brass O scale models ever, a business plan was put together that was unlike those that had been used by other producers for the hobby including direct sales and no dealers. For over twenty years the plan has been extremely effective and the resulting models have been judged as the finest ever, not by my evaluation, but simply put, few other models have ever achieved the level of financial appreciation that typical Kohs models routinely do. This is the result of well researched and built models delivered at fair prices with pricing integrity in place to protect the investment of each and every owner. The only complaint....we are too slow

The onset of the COVID scourge was certainly not foreseen by me or anyone else at the end of 2019, at least in the United States. The results have been devastating for another year on all fronts continuing to stall the efforts of Kohs & Company along with numerous other businesses, many of which have not or will not survive. Kohs & Company will survive, the demand for what I offer has never been stronger with over a quarter million visits to this website in the last twelve months. A new business plan is required going forward in response to all of the problems that have been created primarily by governments around the world and a thorough evaluation of every aspect of the business has been undertaken. Production considerations are at the forefront, but how orders are handled and how we promote what Kohs & Company offers also require a serious review.

As decisions are made and we proceed in the new year, some of what I decide to do may well be misinterpreted as weakness and promoted as such by detractors who have never understood my plans from the beginning. It has been roughly fifteen years since I ran my last published ad and I do not see that changing now. I have taken part in shows in Germany, Switzerland, France, England, Canada and from coast to coast in the United States, I do see this situation changing. It's a simple matter of controlling expenses and putting resources where they matter most. As the years have passed, shows have become a less and less effective tool with fewer modelers/collectors that actually support Kohs & Company bothering to attend. I will be looking for more effective ways to acknowledge supporters while still very selectively attending shows that make the effort to be more current in their appeal and offerings.

As necessary adjustments are made, I look forward to maintaining the effort of delivering the finest models ever....and maybe even faster!

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