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Welcome to the web home of Kohs & Company where I offer the latest information regarding the scale brass railroad models that Kohs & Company has become known for. Kohs & Company is a small dedicated company that relies on a network of specialized resources including researchers, suppliers and builders that are members of my team specifically chosen for their capabilities and without whom I could not have achieved the standards that we have collectively established. Now heading towards our twenty-sixth year in business following what essentially was a four year pause as a result of the global pandemic, my philosophy remains simple; develop only 'best' quality models, offer them at a price that is a true value and stand behind them with a limited lifetime warranty. Of utmost importance, I have never failed to deliver a project for which reservations have been accepted. Predictable quality has become the hallmark of our efforts, with each new project bettering the previous in detail, accuracy and quality. Our singular standard is aimed at satisfying the most discriminating modelers and collectors alike while recreating in miniature elements of railroad history that have been so important and fundamental to the development of the United States. While I am mindful of the accomplishments of others in the past, I strive to innovate in order to advance The Art of Brass Models. These efforts have been undertaken using my family name as a clear indication that I am striving to create a proud legacy.

With each project my focus is to as accurately as possible capture the true physical 'character' of the chosen prototype, not just the dimensional specifications, a results based approach not to be taken for granted even with a best quality project. All of my projects include a consistent array of features as well as innovative 'firsts' which are a matter of routine with each new project inherently offering unique modeling opportunities. The individual project sites presented here provide a detailed listing of specifications and features for each project and also an overview of the research that is required to achieve the overall goal of an exceptional model project each and every time. For a more complete understanding of what goes into making Kohs & Company models unique, you'll want to visit the RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT page which will provide extensive information about how the development of our projects is handled and what to look for in 'Best' quality models. The processes and procedures required to complete one of our projects do not happen rapidly, we take whatever time is required to deliver more than has been promised at the outset of each project.

My business focus is not on profit nor is it on producing 'collectibles' or promoting sales based on investment value, but the typical residual or resale value of my models have proven them to be a sound investment. With strict adherence to the announced project production quantities and by handling all sales directly, I have been able to develop uniform pricing policies that have served to protect the investment of each of our model owners. The Kohs & Company family of model owners now extends to more than thirty countries as a result of the principles and practices established at the outset.

If you have a specific question that is not addressed within this site, please use the contact information listed below to get in touch with me directly.  I hope that you enjoy your visit and encourage you to come back often to view our latest information. I actively seek the input of our visitors, because only through considering your thoughts, desires and concerns can Kohs & Company be totally successful.  I encourage legitimate criticism and appreciate the effort that it takes to offer constructive comment. With Kohs & Company, I have never tried to be the largest importer, only the best.

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