Model Construction

Understanding the various aspects of model construction is extremely important in order to be able to fully appreciate your Kohs & Company model and to understand the differences in comparison to others. This is also the phase in the project where it becomes very much a team effort in order to bring together all of the capabilities required which are many, the 'I' in the efforts becomes 'we'. Beginning with the designer who creates the scale drawings, this is where the required compromises inherent in every model begin to be defined, understanding these compromises is fundamental for the team to minimize them in number and their negative affect on the completed model. Adherence to scale dimensioning, proper proportions to provide the correct 'character' of appearance and outstanding reliable performance are the important goals that we have continually striven to achieve, raising the bar with each project.

Listed below are areas of primary concern in our production planning and evaluation, the list is not complete by any means, it will be added to and editted as time allows taking into consideration collected inquiries. The headings are not listed in the order of importance or progression, but simply alphabetically for easy reference:

If there is specific information that we can provide to make these pages more beneficial, please feel free to provide your feedback. As our processes continue to evolve, a word that you have read frequently here, I will endeavor to update those pages that are affected. If you are a fellow importer and would like to follow in our footsteps, good luck.

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