On3 D&RGW K-36 Project Update

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Availability - This project is under development and we are currently collecting additional reference materials to guide our design effort. If you have material that may be of assistance and you are willing to loan it to us, please get in touch and we will offer fair compensation for your efforts. If you would like to be included in any dedicated project update mailings regarding this project please make us aware of your interest.

Price: TBD

Versions Offered: TBD

Production Quantity: TBD

7/07/21 - During the last several months I have had the opportunity to follow through with two builders to get their impressions and suggestions regarding this project. The initial feedback provided the foundation to continue the research required and to gather the necessary data, including blue prints, to formulate a basic project outline. Understanding that the detailing of many narrow gauge pieces of equipment take on unique character with very specific time-lines, getting this aspect of the project is of utmost importance which requires the input of very knowledgeable modelers/researchers. Having attempted to rely on the known 'experts' with many of my past projects and been burned by their regurgitation of old unproven data, I have carefully looked for the appropriate knowledgeable individual/individuals that have proven themselves as skilled researchers over the years to help with my K-36.

The overseas aspect of this project, like all of my projects, has been stymied by the COVID situation and I simply want to acknowledge that fact here and also reaffirm my serious interest in pushing forward with the project as soon as the international travel situation allows. You may have already read my General News updates addressing the travel issues, but if not those updates outline what has been transpiring and will also provide news going forward about my ability to make production progress with all of my projects. If you are not currently a client of Kohs & Company, I highly suggest that you make me aware of your interest in this project if that is the case.

I hope to be providing more concrete information about our K-36 in the near future.

3/30/20 - This project is now being presented to several builders to evaluate pricing and timing for the anticipated production. Once the initial feedback is received, I'll be sharing that on this page.