The Art of Weathered Models

Like all forms for art, the art of weathering model trains is evaluated on a very subjective basis. While many modeler/collectors prefer the pristine appearance of a brand new piece of equipment, some prefer the more 'authentic' look of equipment in use. The degree of weathering and it's application are often the subject of great debate. If poorly done, weathering can certainly devalue a model significantly, but on the other hand, weathering done by a real artist can enhance the value just as much or even more.

Shown below and on the linked pages are a number of examples of Kohs & Company models that have been weathered either by our service or other weathering artists. The examples shown illustrate finishes varying from a very light 'dusting' to extremely heavy treatments, much the same as would be experienced with real world prototypes. These and future examples are meant to aid in the discussion of the art form.

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