Roundhouse Sales

Our Roundhouse pages provide a listing of models for sale from multiple sources, including directly from Kohs & Company as well as our clients. The listings are organized based on the model producer as well as the selling arrangement, this is further explained adjacent to the four page links that follow.

If you are looking for a particular Kohs & Company produced model, be sure to also check the project 'Availability & Update' page link provided on every project Home Page.

If you have questions or concerns be sure to Contact me directly, your interest is sincerely appreciated!

Kohs & Company Model Listings (5/02/24) - Kohs & Company produced models available for purchase

General Model Listings (6/06/24) - non-Kohs models available for purchase

Fine Art Models Listings (pending)

Kohs & Company Client Model Listings (5/06/24) - non-Kohs models offered for sale by Kohs & Company clients

3-Rail Model Listings (5/05/24)