M4 Sherman Project Update

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Availability: This project is currently under development, if you are interested in further information and would like to be on our mail update list, please forward your postal mail address using our contact information.

Price: $500 est

Versions to be Produced: TBA

Production Quantity: 250

6/06/18 - As a result of my latest visit to Korea there is a new understanding about a path forward to finally get our M4 into production. A new design package has been completed and is currently being reviewed for accuracy, a new sample model will be constructed based on the new reviewed design while planning for the reservation process is finalized. As a result of my new approach to production, there is more leverage and alternatives to get things done, so with fingers crossed, I am hopeful about our future progress. There are also new related plans mentioned on the General News page so you may wish to have a look there as well.

9/19/17 - A brief further update on our Sherman, I have been told that our new sample model will be waiting for me when I arrive on my upcoming visit to the builder. If all goes well, the sample will return with me to be photographed in preparation for starting the reservation process........I personally cannot wait!

7/19/17 - Just a brief update tonight with what I consider to be some very exciting news. After talking about our M4 Sherman project for what seems like forever, I was just informed by one of my builders that he intends to complete a full sample for this project by the end of next month (August)! For all of you that have been patiently waiting, we should be seeing concrete progress in a little over a month. I'll be posting more details following some follow up communication over the next couple of days.

6/21/16 - Our M4 Sherman project is now taking shape, I was able to review the beginning of the 3D construction drawings during my Asian visit last week. It's exciting to actually be getting to a point where there is visible progress on this project, particularly since there has been so much interest expressed since the very beginning of the plan to produce these models. The pricing has been set with the builder and once I think through all of the details, the selling price will be posted and we'll be getting down the road towards taking reservations!

5/27/16 - As mentioned in the latest general news update, there has again been a change of builders handling this project. The M4 is now being developed in the same manner as our latest railroad locomotive projects, using 3D modeling software. I'll be headed to Korea soon to review the latest work and I hope to have pricing and timing information available when I return. Also mentioned in the general news update was my continuing interest in pursuing the railroading aspect of our military projects. I hope to have news on this effort after the upcoming trip as well.

The continued interest that I see expressed in the numerous questions and messages about the military projects is greatly appreciated. Persistence will get the first project done and I know that the results will be very exciting! Please stay tuned!!

9/29/15 - Well, we've gone through and survived another interesting transition in the production of brass models in Korea. As most modelers/collectors interested in brass railroad models know, the development and production of high-quality models has become extremely difficult as a result of quality builders. Although Kohs & Company has certainly felt the affects of the forces driving builders out of business, we have managed to finally bring our old projects up to date and are now able to move forward with new projects, including what we have had planned for our military models for several years.

The M4 Sherman project has been placed with a new builder and is currently being evaluated as the production is being planned. Assuming all goes as planned this time around, we'll have new information to share in the very near future, hopefully this announcement is not premature or over optimistic! As is often said, if it was easy, everyone would be doing it. I thank everyone that has remained not only interested, but enthusiastic about our vision for this series of models.

Please check back in the near future for more new information.

2/25/13 - After a very long and frustrating delay that lasted for several months, we are again moving forward with the planning and development of our M4 Sherman project. I anticipate the start of the production sample model in the next few weeks while we at the same time plan what version and variations we will ultimately offer. It is for certain that we will produce versions with alternate suspensions and track types, but I have not decided if those variations will be included in the first offering or if they will be part of subsequent offerings. A great deal of attention will be paid to paint schemes as I have mentioned in the previous updates, those plans remain unchanged.

Stay tuned if you are a military collector, I hope to have more news very soon!

9/28/11 - Shown below are the recently completed GOD drawings for our M4 project. The drawings represent the initial 'production' configuration, which will be the starting version for the project. Our intent is to include many variations and adaptations in the project as it evolves over time. As previously mentioned, there will be unique and/or famous battlefield configurations represented in the production.

5/24/11 - I am very happy to advise that our attention is again focused on our M4 project. The project has been on the back burner for several months for multiple reasons, but the development is again active. I anticipate having the final drawings for the project completed by June 18th and from there it will be a straight forward push to production. I can also tell you that we are now actively working on multiple variants simultaneously so the time between projects will be greatly foreshortened. In addition to the basic production version models we are also researching significant units and individual tanks for which we can replicate the markings and configurations, in doing this, we hope to highlight the accomplishments of the 'Aces' of the armor world. If you have suggestions or pertinent reference, please let me know, I would appreciate your suggestions.

Stay tuned as this project gains speed heading to production!

7/16/09 - Shown below is our latest sample of our T-48 'live' track for the M4 Sherman tank. The scale and function of the end links have been improved to the point that they are exact miniaturizations of the real thing. Our development has continued to focus on the track, because as previously stated, to build a scale tank and to have to use 'toy' track would not suit our purposes. With 'live' track being the most difficult to build, we are now confident that we can build scale track in all the variations that may be required for our military projects.

6/13/09 - I am very happy to advise that we are back to actively planning our Sherman M4 which is the first in our series of brass 1:48 scale military models. In addition to the limitations on our time to be able to move forward with the design, there were technical issues to be resolved regarding the acquisition of reference material. Although we had been provided with access to original design blueprints for the M4 and many other pieces of equipment, limitations were placed on us regarding how the information could be copied due to the frailty and historical importance. We could not electronically scan the drawings or photocopy them, which left only one option, to photograph them. Because of the size and format, photographing the drawings and capturing the dimensional detail was a very tall order which required the latest in digital photography technology. After a wait for the release of new photo gear and several thousand dollars investment in the research portion of the project, the problem was solved! With data in hand, we are now able to move forward with our design and development and are looking forward to providing regular updates as we proceed.

3/27/08 - We are very happy to have our initial information for this project posted. Check back at this location frequently for the latest developments.