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Home (NYC Destreamlined J3a Late Hudson w/ PT-4 Tender)

Introduction & Contact Information  4/25/17

Project Research & Development 4/25/17

Model Construction 4/25/17

The Art of Brass Modeling 4/13/17

Purchase & Payment Information  12/29/15

General News Update  3/31/17

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Secondary Market Pricing  12/28/15

Steam Locomotive Projects:
Past Project - New York Central J3a (4-6-4)  9/24/08

Past Project - Pennsylvania Railroad GG-1 Electric  4/20/07

Past Project - New York Central J3a late Version (4-6-4)  2/20/08

Past Project - Norfolk & Western Y6b (2-8-8-2)  9/27/07

Past Project - Norfolk & Western Y6a (2-8-8-2)  9/27/07

Past Project - Union Pacific 'type' (4-12-2)  12/03/10

Past Project - Pennsylvania Railroad K-4 (4-6-2)  4/20/07

Past Project - C&O H-8/Virginian AG Allegheny Class (2-6-6-6)  4/15/10

Past Project - Union Pacific Challenger (4-6-6-4)  9/17/14

Current Project - Union Pacific 'Big Boy' (4-8-8-4)  3/31/17

Current Project - Norfolk & Western Class 'A' (2-6-6-4)  4/09/16

Current Project - Southern Pacific Cab-Forward (4-8-8-2)  3/31/17

Future Project - Chesapeake & Ohio K-4/Virginia BA (2-8-4)  1/01/14

Future Project - New York Central 'Niagara' (4-8-4)  1/01/14

Future Project - Southern Pacific GS-1 (4-8-4)  1/01/14

Future Project - Erie 'S' class (2-8-4)  1/01/14

Future Project - Chesapeake & Ohio K-3 (2-8-2)  1/01/14

Caboose Projects:

Past Project - Pennsylvania Railroad N5c Cabin Car  11/14/07

Past Project - Norfolk & Western/Virginian Cabooses  3/30/17

Current Project - Pennsylvania Railroad N5 & N5b Cabin Cars 3/30/17

Active Project - Chesapeake & Ohio Steel Caboose  11/05/15

Active Project - Union Pacific Caboose  2/23/15

Future Project - Southern Pacific Caboose  2/21/11

Future Project - New York Central Standard Caboose  6/14/11

Freight Rolling Stock Projects:

Past Project - Pennsylvania Railroad GLe Cement Car  9/27/07

Past Project - Pennsylvania Railroad G22b Gondola w/containers  8/15/13

Current Project - Pennsylvania Railroad FD-2/FW-1 Flat Car and Loads  3/30/17

Active Project - Pacific Fruit Express Reefers  11/05/16

Work Equipment Projects:

Future Project - Bucyrus-Erie 250 ton Crane  3/16/17

Passenger Equipment Projects:

Future Project - Pennsy M70b Mail/Baggage Car  1/22/04


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