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New York Central J3a 'Hudson' Project Information 

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(Kohs & Company Scullin disc 'Service' version)

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce our first edition o'scale project, the New York Central J3a Hudson locomotive.  As the former designer for Fine Art Models, my intent is to bring to o'scale the same level of quality, detail and features that Fine Art Models has become famous for.  Having collaborated with Sun Jin Models Company and Dallee Electronics for the past eight years, we have forged a solid working relationship that will allow us to continue to combine our talents in some of the finest models possible.

To bring you up to date, we have worked on this project for approximately sixteen months.  We have consulted the best sources of knowledge on this prototype to make certain that we are offering a model that is historically correct as well as a good 'runner'.   The selling price is $3,200.00 (including shipping), although not inexpensive, we feel that this represents a true value based on the features and level of quality that will be delivered. I should also mention at this point the each model will be delivered with a custom solid fine-hardwood display base with a matching acrylic case and a limited lifetime warranty to the original owner of the model.

The decision was made to offer this and all future models only on a direct basis from Kohs & Company. The decision was based on three key issues; to protect the investment of each purchaser through stable pricing, to keep the selling price as low as possible by not building into the selling price a 'dealer' pricing structure and the matter of administering the limited lifetime warranty. Through direct sale and delivery each and every customer is assured the same level of attention and service without compromise.

The production of the J3a Hudson is limited to 100 pieces in total, with four (4) basic versions; 40 pieces with Scullin disc drivers in a service type paint scheme, 40 pieces with Boxpok drivers in a service type paint scheme, 10 pieces with Scullin disc drivers in a builder's photo type paint scheme and 10 pieces with Boxpok drivers in a builder's photo type paint scheme. We are offering all of the appropriate road numbers and each number has been available on a first come basis.  The brake unit that we are offering is, to our knowledge, the first actual dynamic braking device to be incorporated into a scale model of this size. This device actually allows the operator to drive the locomotive using a combination of throttle and brake. Only the finest types of materials and from the best sources will be used in the construction of our models. Among some the materials used are: stainless steel, high-carbon steel, nickel silver, brass of varying hardness, scientific glass, wood and phosphor bronze.