Warranty Statement

The warranty statement that follows has been provided to every customer that has purchased a model from Kohs & Company, the statement has typically been included in the instruction manual. To our knowledge, we are the only importer/manufacturer that provides such coverage to it's model railroad customers and the practice will continue with all new model releases.

This Kohs & Company model comes with a limited lifetime warranty to the original owner. We will repair any model requiring service as a result of normal use, but not abuse. All of our guidelines for operation must be followed otherwise the warranty is void. We will not replace consumable items such as light bulbs and batteries as a matter of course, but will make such items available to customers on a cost basis. If you have technical questions or questions regarding service, please contact us at: (Phone) 248-625-6396, (Fax) 248-625-7994 or (e-mail) service@kohs.com

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