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It is important for those interested in purchasing a Kohs & Company model to understand the pricing policy and how sales are handled, my approach is unique in all regards. My models are sold on a reservation basis and only direct to end owners, this is for three fundamental reasons; to eliminate dealer markups to make our models as affordable as possible, to prevent 'special deal' sales which compromise pricing integrity while threatening the investment of every owner. Additionally, there are few dealers interested in and capable of providing reliable pre and post sale support. Projects are typically sold out by the time the production is complete, so a reservation is paramount if a particular model is desired.

I endeavor to provide pricing information for projects as early in the project process as possible so that those interested can make the most basic of determinations, affordability. I will never ask a client to reserve a model without knowing the total final cost, that unfortunately is not a common practice among other importers. The project pricing never changes from start of a project to finish, regardless of any production difficulties or augmented features or detail. The project pricing is kept as reasonable as possible and takes into account the investment required in the form of the project reservation deposit. Comparatively speaking, our prices are typically far lower than those of models buyers would consider as comparable from other importers, even lacking our detail, features and quality. This under-valuation is witnessed by the immediate price increase typically experienced by resellers after our projects are sold out, with our last project there was a 150% increase in value on the secondary market.

If you are considering the purchase of one of our models and are planning to seek a reservation, it is important that you know that by the time a project is offered for reservations, tens of thousands of dollars have already been invested in the project by Kohs & Company. When we offer a project for reservations, it is not a test to see what level of interest and support there is for a particular project, that determination has already been made. The reference material has been gathered, the research has been nearly completed, the builder has been consulted with to establish pricing and production plans and the design work has been initiated.

To place a reservation I typically require what I feel is a reasonable deposit for a model built to order and the deposit is not refundable. Reservation information is mailed to all existing clients and those individuals that have expressed interest in a particular project, that same material is subsequently available for download from the specific project sites. Once I receive a reservation with deposit I will issue a confirmation letter reiterating the details of the reservation to make certain that the reserved model is built as ordered. Again, in recognition of the fact that the required deposit does help to fund each project during production, our model pricing is kept considerably lower than it would otherwise be. Upon completion of a project I may have models available for immediate purchase, when this happens the appropriate information is provided on the individual project update page, but this cannot be depended upon.

Now in our twenty-first year of producing best quality O scale models, our sales plan has worked extremely well for very simple reasons; we have never failed to deliver a project for which we have taken reservations and just as important, we have delivered models that have always exceeded the commitment made at the outset of each project. In addition, the free marketplace bears witness to how our models are valued over time.

Several options for payment are available. Kohs & Company accepts VISA, Mastercard & Discover credit cards. Personal/business checks, bank drafts and money orders are are acceptable. Bank information for direct electronic payment can also be provided upon request. Should you have questions or comments please contact me directly for further information:

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