Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is very simple; Kohs & Company has taken every step possible to provide our project information on a website that is secure and respectful of those that visit it's pages. This site is presented on a secure connection so that all information is encrypted during transfer and it does not utilize 'cookies' for tracking visitors or for any other reason. Although our site is very highly ranked, typically in the top 1% of the nearly two billion websites active in the world, no effort has been made to monetize the site with ads that would interrupt or track your visit. All communications by email are handled by our secure server using encrypted transfers so as long as you are using an SSL enabled email account there is no need for concern in providing personal information to us by email.

Our database of customers and people making inquiries regarding our projects is never shared with third partied for any reason. Further, the database is stored on a network with no Internet connection so there is no possibility of this information being 'hacked'.

Should you ever have any concern regarding the integrity or security of the Kohs & Company website, please let us know immediately.


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