Passenger Equipment

From the outset of our model designing/importing business we have expressed the desire to recreate in miniature not only great locomotives, but also some of the great passenger consists. Dealing in passenger equipment in general presents several unique challenges that have to be seriously considered in order to be successful not only from a modeling stand point, but also a financial one. We have had to be patient until the correct building situation could be developed and with the formation of a brand new ground up operation we feel confident that we now have such a situation.

We can tell you at this point that we are looking to produce both heavy-weight and light-weight style cars in multiple roads where appropriate. Complete consists will not be done all at the same time in order to ease the burden of purchasing as well as producing the cars, this is where the issue of consistent quality and technique comes into play so that all of the cars produced will match when they are complete. Our basic philosophy for these projects is that the cars should be every bit the quality models we feel our locomotive models are. Car bodies will be produced utilizing multi-layer etching as well as machining to achieve layer detail as we did with our N&W 22C tender for our Y6a project. Complete underbody detail, equalized ball-bearing equipped trucks, and complete interior detail are all musts from our point of view. Regulated interior lighting will be a standard feature as well.

We will start to lay out our plans in more detail in the near future, but the projects listed below are to be among the first of our passenger equipment projects.