Pennsylvania Railroad G22b class Gondola Project Information

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Shown below are samples of our G22b, 70 ton gondola with container loads. Although this car class was originally classified as having a 70 ton capacity, large numbers of these cars had their original trucks replaced with 100 ton capacity units to increase their load carrying ability. The upward shift in load rating was possible because these all steel cars were so overbuilt during their original construction. With the 'Pennsy' running in the heart of steel country, they relied heavily on gondola style cars to service that industry, at the height of service they maintained over 70,000 assorted gondolas with the G22b being one of the most reliable and interesting from a modeling perspective.
We have produced two load configurations, one utilizing the DB-4a (drop bottom container) shown above and to the right and the other using the HB-1a (hopper bottom container) shown in the two images below. The outward appearance of the containers is similar although in direct comparison the HB-1 is considerably taller. The bottom style designation refers to the type of opening mechanism used to empty the containers once they reached their destination. The cars are decorated in two styles, the circle keystone shown above and the very familiar 'shadow keystone', making the cars appropriate for use in a wide variety of service periods. All the containers are uniquely numbered and serialized to avoid duplication in consists.