M4 Sherman Project Information

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We selected the M4 Sherman as our first military project for a very simple reason, it is arguably the single most important piece of equipment in terms of determining the outcome of the second world war. There were many versions and variations of the Sherman and we hope to model a number of variants as our military project list evolves. Our starting point is the basic production M4 as typically delivered to the U.S. Army. As we will do with each variant that we produce, the production will eventually include full battle-dress versions from different theaters of operation and very special editions commemorating the service and valor of those tank commanders there were considered 'Aces' much the same as elite aviators were. It's not only about fine modeling, it's also about history and the role this equipment played in it.

A key factor in the development of this project was the ability to create miniature 'live' track true to scale. If we could not create the track there would have been little point in proceeding with the rest of the development, the track has to be built to the same standard as the rest of the tank. To further explain the difficulty of this aspect of the development, there are two types of track used on tanks, the already mentioned 'live' type and the much easier to model 'dead' type. 'Dead' track is far easier to construct because it relies on a single linking pin that ties two track blocks together in the same manner as the typical bulldozer track. 'Live' track requires two pins that are connected at the ends by tie-blocks and requires much finer detailing particularly in 1:48 scale. 'Live' track was a common design element on many U.S. tanks.

(The photos shown below are of our early development model and they do not fully represent the accuracy and the extent of the detailing or the final quality that our production models will deliver.)

In the photo to the right you can see the first sample of our totally functional T-48 type 'live' track. The construction is prototypical and requires 37 parts to create 1" of completed track.

Model Feature

  • All Brass Construction
  • Brass Functional 'Live' Track
  • Working Suspension
  • Opening Hatches
  • Rotating Turret
  • Positionable Weapons
  • Painted & Decorated or Natural Brass Finish