Chesapeake & Ohio K-3/K-3a Project Information

This prototype was cornerstone power for the C&O during the roads most critical years and unfortunately has never been properly modeled in O scale, we would like to change that! Our plans call for the production of both K-3 and K-3a versions while offering the two primary tenders that these prototypes used, the V-16 16,000 gallon 'Vanderbilt' style tender as well as the 'RA' rectangular tank.


A custom Dallee Electronics Sound System will reproduce all of the authentic K-3/K-3a sounds

Prototypically Mounted Running Boards

Full Under-body Detail on Locomotives & Tenders

Custom Built Pittman Ball-Bearing Motor

Real Glass Window Glazing

Stainless Steel Tires will be Used on all Wheel Sets

Nickel Silver Rods and Valve Gear

Continuous Voltage Lighting System

All Fabricated Components will be Produced from the Finest Japanese or United States Milled Brass

All directional lighting will be both automatically and manually controlled.  All lighting functions will be accessible through the included control box which is also used to control the sound functions.  All remote functions will compatible with DCC decoder installations

Prototypical Double Draw Bar

Fully Equalized and Sprung Suspension with Real Fabricated Leaf Springs

32 Ball-Bearing Used Throughout the Model

All Axles will Ride on Ball-Bearings

Ball-Bearing Equipped Side & Main Rods

Custom Built Ball-Bearing Equipped Drive Mechanism

User Controlled Electronic Valve Gear

Full Cab Detail: with Wood Detail, Brass Gauge Bezels & Lenses

All Hatches and Compartments will be Operational

Scale Operating Couplers

Kohs & Company Developed Tire and Flange Profiles