Project Update

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Price: TBD

Versions Offered: TBD

Production Quantity: 250

7/08/19 - Substantial progress had been made on this 'pending' project, to the point that basic versions have been selected for inclusion and I am now able to provide other basic information leading up to the time when the reservation process can begin. This project is in large part a sequel to the Pacific Fruit Express project already underway, that service handling the western part pf the country while the Fruit Growers Express service handled most of the perishable service east of the Mississippi River. The basic versions will consist of what has been referred to as the 'War Babies' having been built during World War II. These cars are of particular interest since the war-time restrictions imposed required new developments in construction and materials to make the new cars possible during this time.

Soon after the formation of the company, managers soon looked for partners to help compete with The Union Pacific, Southern Pacific and Santa Fe railroads in the west. Partnerships were formed with Western Fruit Express as well as Burlington Fruit Express to extend FGE's reach to the west. This project will include cars from those companies which will make for a colorful and more interesting group of subjects to model, the three companies worked as one and the cars reflected that in their development.

As more decisions are reached and planning takes place, the information will begin to be shared on this page as well as others that will be developed for this project site. As always, the questions and suggestions are welcomed!