The Art of Brass Models Special Projects

This page is dedicated to highlighting the fine art of brass models and to explaining an interest in developing scales other than O scale. High quality brass model trains are truly an art form and should be appreciated on that basis in addition to being miniature repositories of important historical research that stimulate fond memories for many of us. From the outset, Kohs & Company has worked to provide our builders with an O scale platform to exhibit their skills at the highest level possible and throughout the construction pages on this website the work of these skilled 'artisans' has been highlighted in photographs and words. I have always pushed our team to produce the finest and most unique models possible and I am now looking at other scales to expand the platform of opportunities.

While our primary focus will remain on O scale, I have routinely evaluated the level of develop or lack of same taking place in other scales in the hobby. Compared to what has transpired in O scale, there have been nominal advances in other scales with the exception of the inclusion of DCC control, sound and lighting. Numerous new businesses have cropped up in the hobby with their sole purpose being the production of parts to correct the mistakes made by importers/manufacturers or to fill in the missing details primarilly in HO scale. Where prices have gone down with the use of newer technologies such as high-definition die-casting, so too has the level of quality. Where the prices have gone to new highs, there has not been a commensurate increase in quality, features or detail accuracy. My observations have been acknowledged by modelers involved in alternate scales and they have encouraged a new higher effort with some having made the switch to O scale out of frustration.

The intention is to offer state-of-the-art features, detail and operating characteristics typically not offered before in other scales. There will not be extensive new product lines or large quantities of models produced, but rather true benchmark models that can be enjoyed and appreciated by the most discriminating modelers/collectors.

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