Cameron Micro Drill Presses

As I have mentioned elsewhere, I routinely receive inquiries from customers regarding the availability of special tools and equipment used for modeling projects, one such item is a small precision drill press. Shown below is a model 164 drill press offered by Cameron Micro Drill Presses. This is the basic and most affordable version available, although it is shown with optional accessories installed. This drill press offers accuracy far beyond what is typically required for modelers, but the Cameron unit is built to last and is totally manufactured and assembled in the United States. The same basic unit has been available for more than forty years.

Through special arrangements with the sales department at Cameron, I am able to offer a special sales incentive to make a Cameron unit even more affordable then they already are. I have provided a link to their web site and also a downloadable brochure that provides more detailed information on this model as well as several others they offer. Information is also provided on the line of supporting accessories as well as complete pricing. The pricing provided is the regular factory pricing that anyone would pay, to take advantage of our special arrangement for customers, contact me directly for the details.